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Providing quality power transmission products and solutions since 1987.

For over 25 years, Sempress has been providing power transmission solutions, helping our customers improve efficiency and transform ideas into measurable outcomes. We are proud to have partnered with GLOBE Airmotors as their exclusive Canadian distributor of exceptional quality air motors. GLOBE offers several different air motors suitable for a diverse range of applications and operating environments. Let us help you select the right GLOBE Airmotor for your application.




Piston Air Motors2.4 to 32 HP | Max 2400 – 1500 RPM

GLOBE Piston Airmotors are a series of compact heavy duty motors offering an exceptional range of control and output options. These pneumatic motors are designed to develop greater power than other motors of equivalent size. The GLOBE Piston AirMotors are instantly reversible, resistant to dirty/damp conditions, and have a relatively inexpensive variable speed control. They are available with ATEX certification for safe use in explosive environments. These air motors are being used in the most heavy and extreme conditions that require lots of power. Typical applications include work rolls, winches, and pump drives. Piston air motors are common in steel making, pulp & paper, mining, and offshore industries.

Vane Air Motors.7 to 19 HP | Max 6000 – 1800 RPM

Standard vane air motors (also called rotary vane motors) are the most common pneumatic motor in the world. They are available in a broad range of power and can operate in any position. GLOBE Vane Airmotors are used in numerous applications, most suitable for light to medium duty operation. Typical applications are conveyor belts, mixing equipment, hoists and winches. GLOBE Vane Airmotors are also often used in explosive environments when combined with ATEX certification. Standard vane motors are often lighter and smaller than electric motors

Non-Lube Air Motors.54 to 12.7 HP | Max 4500 – 1315 RPM

GLOBE non-lube vane air motors are the perfect choice when lubrication is not possible. Running lube-free protects products and your workforce from oil-contaminated air. It can also reduce installation and maintenance costs.  GLOBE Non-Lube Vane Airmotors are available in a broad range of power and can operate in any position. They are most suitable for light to medium duty operation.

Stainless Air Motors.7 to 19 HP | Max 6000 – 1800 RPM

GLOBE stainless steel vane air motors were developed using the same dimensions as the standard series vane motors. They are suitable for corrosive and damp operating conditions. GLOBE Stainless Steel Vane Airmotors are commonly used in aggressive environments, not limited to food processing, and marine industries. As an alternative, if you require a non-lube stainless steel air motor please contact us.

Compact Piston.09 to .51 HP | Max 800 – 50 RPM

GLOBE Compact Piston Airmotors are best-in-class micro air motors. This series is recognized for its long service life and low-cost ownership. GLOBE Compact Piston Airmotors are light on air consumption, require little maintenance and operate without lubrication. This micro air motor is truly unique because of their low speed combined with high torque, without the use of a gearbox. Typical applications are dosing, positioning, and winding machine. They are increasingly more common on conveyor and mixing applications

Compact Vane.36 to 4 HP | Max 19000 – 23 RPM

GLOBE Compact Vane Airmotors are pneumatic motors with one or more in integrated planetary gearboxes. Because of this design many different speeds and torques are possible. Its use is popular when working with tight spaces and weight limitations. We support three different styles of compact vane air motors, the Archimedes, M53, and M400 series. Oil-less operation, stainless steel materials, and different mounting options are available.  These micro pneumatic motors are commonly used in machine building and work tools.

Pneumatic ControlsPendants | Remote Control Valves | Flow Control | FRL – Filter Reg. Lubricator

Not only are we GLOBE Airmotor specialists, Sempress designs and supports complete pneumatic systems. We offer a full line of pneumatic control valves, flow, pendants, levers, and remotes. Need additional noise dampening, give us a call. Product specific accessories such as repair kits and mufflers are referenced under our motor product categories. Let our team’s decades of industry experience help you!

Air Motor AssembliesGearboxes | Brakes

GLOBE Vane and Piston Geared Airmotors are available with a standard range of worm, helical, and planetary gearboxes. They generate high torques at low speeds of rotation. Many different combinations exist with short lead times. Geared air motors are commonly used in mixing equipment, conveyor belts, hoists, winches, hose reels, and turntables. For additional geared air motor options, please give us a call and/or download the complete GLOBE catalog located in the ‘catalogues section’ of our website. Please give us a call anytime, we would be happy to assist with the sizing of your motor & gearbox combination.


We believe in walking you through every step to ensure that you have all the right equipment and parts for your process.

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