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Providing quality drilling & tapping products and solutions since 1987

For over 25 years, Sempress has been providing automation solutions that can help you improve efficiency and transform ideas into measurable outcomes.

Some of our drilling & tapping partner brands include:





E2 Systems specialize in the production of spindles, both with or without hydraulic or pneumatic self-feed, which are used for automatic drilling, tapping, milling, grinding and flow drilling processes. A large range of E2 products are used in the automotive industry, wood working industry, and general precision manufacturing areas.

E2 Drilling units range from compact pneumatic units to power packs with electrically-operated spindles and integrated hydraulic systems.

The ADVANTAGES of using E2 units:

♦ Ease of installation

♦ Quick advance

♦ Controlled working feed

♦ Multi-wall drilling & chip removal

♦ Most are available with multi-spindle heads

E2 Tapping units range from the most compact pneumatic units on the market to powerful electrically-operated units. Their lead screw units ensure a perfect tapping process with no risk of damaging the tap. Each tapping unit’s details include all the necessary information for selecting a suitable model based on the requirements set by your tapping application and the cutting data specified by your tap supplier.

E2 Pneumatic milling units are compact, robust and without feed, developed for accuracy and performance. These units are compact, easy-to-use, and designed specifically for the automation industry.

We believe in walking you through every step to ensure that you have all the right equipment and parts for your process.

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Quality pneumatic products



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