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Providing quality speciality products and solutions since 1987

For over 25 years, Sempress has been providing specialty products and solutions that can help you improve efficiency and transform ideas into measurable outcomes.

Some of our specialty products include:

Globe Test Equipment

Pressure Test EquipmentEstablished in 1986, the GLOBE group has two specializations: Globe Airmotors and Globe Test Equipment. Globe Test Equipment are the specialists in everything that has to do with high pressure. All of Globes pressure test systems are lightweight, plug’&’play designs. Spare parts and service packages are available. Globe’s Test Equipment is ideal for:

♦ Bolt tensioning test equipment

♦ Hydrogen pressure testing

♦ Hydrostatic testing (liquid pressure test)

♦ Gas boosters

♦ Gas pressure testing



Flexible Engineered ProductsPronal is a global leader in flexible, inflatable engineered products. Their specialty products include but are not limited too:

♦ Air lifting bags

♦ Fire fighting water tanks

♦ Gas holders

♦ Inflatable jacks

♦ Inflatable pipe testing plugs 

♦ Inflatable trench shields

♦ Marine (underwater) lifting units

♦ Pneumatic bottle grippers

♦ Slurry pit covers

♦ Vacuum lamination bags


Linear Actuators & JacksProudly made in Italy since 1989, Servomech is a leading manufacturer of linear movement products. Their product line includes:

♦ Acme screw jacks

♦ Ball screw jacks

♦ Ball screws & nuts

♦ Bevel gearboxes

♦ Linearmech electromechanical actuators

♦ Mechanical linear actuators






We believe in walking you through every step to ensure that you have all the right equipment and parts for your process.

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Quality pneumatic products



We have over 25 years of knowledge and experience



We pride ourselves in helping you through any application



We use 3D modeling software and industry's best equipment



We are recognized as a company that always innovates

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